School’s Performance at Annual Music Competition Improves

The CMEA Music Competition, which occurred on separate dates for each music division, had its first competition for the Symphonic Band on Friday, April 4.

There are two parts to the competition. First, the students play a piece which they have practiced in advance. Three judges listen to each section of the competition and judge the performance based on rhythm, timing and overall sound quality. The rating scale is based out of 100 points. A score of 90 or above is called “Superior” and an 80 to 89 is “Excellent.” If a performance receives a score of 90 or above from each of the three judges, then it is said to have received “Unanimous Superior.” Students are then tested on sight reading, or playing a piece they have never seen before.

This year, Symphonic Band received two Excellent ratings and a Superior rating in its concert performance and a Superior rating for sight reading. Last year the band received one Superior.

Wind Ensemble also exceeded expectations, receiving a Unanimous Superior. According to instrumental music teacher Ted Ferrucci, Wind Ensemble played a set of music “typically performed only by college and professional bands.”

Orchestra performed on Saturday, April 26. They received a Unanimous Superior, although their sight reading was “not as great as [they] had hoped for,” according to orchestra student and sophomore Angela Liu.