Students Can Donate or Sign Up to Receive Prom Dresses from the Princess Project

The school recently started to take donations to support the Princess Project, a nonprofit organization that collects prom dresses throughout California to provide for free to underprivileged high school girls.

Students who register to receive a dress can go to a warehouse to pick out one dress and one accessory of their liking. The date and location is currently unknown, but students who want to participate should visit Spanish Community Liaison Maria Hoerni in the administration office by next Friday, March 15. Students also are encouraged to donate dresses in the attendance office.

“[The Princess Project] provides a great opportunity for students with economic concerns to shop for their perfect dress,” Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson said. “We really want to help offset the price for their prom.”

The Princess Project began in 2002 when a girl who could not afford a prom dress asked founders Laney Whitcanack and Kristi Smith Knutson for help. After responding to her request by starting a dress drive, they gained tremendous support in the San Francisco Bay Area and soon started an official non-profit organization in 2005. More information can be found at