School Updates Wi-Fi Network System Following Connectivity Issues

This week, the school began updating the Wi-Fi network system due to increasing issues with connectivity. The update has caused Wi-Fi signal to be spotty and unavailable at most school locations for staff and students.

“Over the last couple of days, as we’ve been rolling out updates to the [Wi-Fi] access points, we’ve encountered a number of problems,” school technology coordinator Chris Avila said. “We’re actively working towards a solution.”

The issue began during the last few months and recently worsened due to a number of different connectivity obstacles.

“The Wi-Fi as a whole has not been working very well for this whole semester,” Avila said. “We’ve had a number of different issues all over the place.”

The school aims to finish the update and troubleshoot the network by this coming Friday, but due to the complexity of the situation, the update may take longer. Avila states that the timeline for project completion depends on the efficiency of the school’s correspondence with the manufacturer of the Wi-Fi system.

“We’re working towards getting at least the basic Wi-Fi up at a rudimentary level by this week, but there’s no guarantee until we hear back from the actual [router] manufacturer,” Avila said.

The district also hired a certified Wi-Fi engineer to fix other long-term bugs in the routers. Currently, the school does not have a definite end date for the repair.

“It’s definitely the case that there are more problems with the Wi-Fi,” Assistant Principal Galen Rosenberg said. “We’re working on it.”