School to Renovate Campus Over Summer

Several school renovations are scheduled to occur during June and July. According to Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Joe White, funding for these projects will be derived solely from a district reserve fund called the Capital Facility Fund.

“The projects are all part of our ongoing maintenance effort to ensure that we have the best facilities possible for our students and staff,” White said.

Mike Woodworth, who handles maintenance at the school and oversee projects, estimates the total cost of the projects to be $100,000. This year’s projects are focused on a specific section of the school and are part of a “circular” process which, after five years, will have renovated the entire school.

“We keep going in a circuit to keep the school looking halfway decent instead of having to end up with a huge bill,” Woodworth said.

According to Woodworth, the number of projects possible is limited because both summer school and Golden Eagle Sports Camp will be held at the school.

Remodeling Portables
A new three-foot drain will be installed near portables P-13 and P-14 and will be connected to the main drainage system starting June 16. Previously, the portables were prone to flooding during the winter due to their deeper elevation. Portables 13, 14, 15 and 16 will be remodeled beginning July 1. Fixes will include replacing the ceilings, walls, lighting and flooring in an attempt to provide a more comfortable learning environment to students.

The boys locker room is going to be painted and the floor will be cleaned starting June 9. The boys team room is going to be given new 12-inch security lockers on July 1 to allow future team members to store their valuables. The lighting in the girls locker room and dance studio, previously provided by 500-watt bulbs, will be replaced by T-8 lamps on July 28. The large gym and dance studio floors will be cleaned and resurfaced as well. The small gym will also be given T-8 lighting and the floor will be completely stripped and replaced on June 23. Lighting for the boys locker room will also be replaced next year.

Painting and Minor Repairs
On June 9, the east driveway will be re-striped and sealed with a slurry coat to protect it from damage. Next summer, a similar procedure will be applied to the student parking lot. The 400 wing and east 500 wing will be painted starting June 23. The dirt area near the baseball field is to be coated with asphalt on July 1.