School to offer lacrosse in spring

The school will be offering a lacrosse team for the first time ever this spring.

The team will be coached by Greg Menghis. Menghis was the former coach for the Tomahawks club team and will be assisted by more coaches who will later be determined.

Since the start of the Lacrosse Club this year, over 25 people have claimed to be interested in playing. Senior Dusty Kash thinks that the club definitely helped raise awareness for the sport.

“We’ve already had several meetings about the team, so it’s already headed in the right direction,” Dusty said. “We are pretty sure that we will get a good turnout.”

The idea to create a school lacrosse team was originally devised by senior Ken Anderson, who attempted to create a team with other students last year.

However, the students were not able to get enough funding until this year, with the help of a committee led by Andy Cohen, father of freshman Josh Cohen.

MVHS started a lacrosse team last year. The school’s team will compete in the same league as MVHS.

The meeting for the team will take place next Wednesday, November 18, during lunch in the large gym.