School to Host Biannual College Fair, Workshops

The school’s large gym will host the biannual College Fair on Wednesday, April 9 from 6-8 p.m. The fair will feature informational tables from about 70 or 80 colleges and universities from across the country.

According to College/Career Center Coordinator Kristin Joseph, 30 admission representatives are currently scheduled to appear, though the remaining colleges have until March 21 to RSVP to the fair.

Last school year, the school had its biannual Countdown to College, which included workshops for financial aid, NCAA college athletes, the UC schools and California State Universities.

Similar to the Countdown to College, this year’s fair will also feature drop-in workshops held in separate rooms. A Naviance workshop will be held from 6:30-7:30 p.m. and a letter of recommendation workshop from 7-7:30 p.m. According to Joseph, a third workshop which has yet to be decided will also be included.

Though almost 100 schools have shown up to past fairs at the school, many schools will not be present. According to Joseph, those that come may be here for the students or the school’s location.

“There are some who try to come because we have lots of students who apply to them,” Joseph said.

Others, though, come to recruit West Coast students to apply to East Coast schools.

Though attendance is widespread, the fair is most relevant for juniors and sophomores Joseph said.

Some students feel that it may be too early to look at colleges during sophomore or freshman year.

Junior Aleksa Bril did not attend either the Countdown to College last year or the College Fair held her freshman year.

“I didn’t want to stress out about [it],” Aleksa said.

Despite the lack of incentive to go before, this year Aleksa thinks she will attend because of how many schools the fair attracts.

“You get to find out about multiple colleges in one place,” Aleksa said.

Senior Katie Cheng attended the College Fair her sophomore year and though she was not prepared to start the college search, thinks that for students who have begun the process, it can be very beneficial.

“It’s a good resource for students who already have an idea of what they want,” Katie said.

Joseph said that though seniors may discount the college fair as no longer relevant, students considering attending community college should attend the fair, where they will have the opportunity to speak to representatives from those schools.

While freshmen may also discount this opportunity, Joseph urges them to attend in order to start collecting information and to know what colleges are out there.

“It’s a good start in the process with not a lot of pressure in the process,” Joseph said.