School Should Lengthen Diversity Assembly

Every year, the administration and ASB work hard to make the Diversity Assembly and the week’s activities engaging for students. The assembly yesterday, April 6, was no exception. Performances ranged from dancing by the Latino Student Union (LSU) to sophomore Max Chi playing on the erhu, a Chinese instrument.

With so many excellent performers, there was a time crunch to conclude the assembly before brunch started. In addition, technical difficulties delayed the first session, causing the second to start later. As a result, some of the performances were shortened. The assembly still ran over, so third and fourth periods were also each shortened by five minutes in order to resume the bell schedule.

Next year, the Associated Student Body (ASB) should work with the administration to devise a schedule plan that lengthens the Diversity Assembly. This would not only allow more students to perform, giving spectators broader insight into the various cultural backgrounds at our school, but also give time to fix unexpected problems. In addition, if each period on Friday were shortened even more, then teachers could plan to give tests on one of the block days when there would be more time.

Lengthening the assembly would not only solve these time issues, but increase the potential it has to foster school spirit. At no other assembly during the year do students get to see their classmates’ multiple talents, nor do they get to hear a mixture of cultural and popular music.

“It was a great way to see all the different nationalities at our school and I feel I appreciate our school more each year after the assembly,” senior Magdalene Lim said.