School Schedules Fire Drill to Take Place Tomorrow

The school will host the first fire drill of the year during the tutorial/advisory period on Tuesday, August 28. Teachers will read off the instructions for the fire drill before students leave the classroom.

Because of the construction in the back of the school, students will not be evacuating to the grass field next to the tennis courts but will instead go to the football field. Students will use the three entrances to the football field: one next to the bike racks, one in the back of the school parking lot and one next to the snack shack. Color-coded signs on the field will help students find their class’ location to line up.

“[This drill is meant] to keep everybody–students, staff and teachers–up-to-date with the exercise so that in event of a real emergency we know what to do,” administrative assistant Georgina Davila said. “Hopefully we can do it calmly and orderly.”