School Average SAT Score Increases by 14 Points

The Mountain View-Los Altos High School district reviewed the SAT score results for the Class of 2012 during the school board meeting this Monday, October 8. LAHS students of the Class of 2012 scored an average of 1,801 points on the SAT, compared to a score of 1,787 for the Class of 2011. The average score across the nation for college-bound seniors in the Class of 2012 was 1,498.

The school’s Class of 2012 scored an average of 587 on critical reading, 599 on writing and 615 in mathematics. The Class of 2011 scored on average 585 on critical reading, 601 on writing and 601 in mathematics.

“There is something very exciting about being part of an educational team that works diligently day in and day out on behalf of our kids here at Los Altos High School,” Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson said in a press release from the district office. “The fact that the students are continuing to show such incredible growth with their academic achievement allows us the feedback that substantiates our efforts. I am proud of our teaching staff and our students with these wonderful results.”