School Remodels Tennis Courts

Over the past few years, the tennis courts have become covered with gum, holes and burn marks. After the construction of the new building destroyed one of the tennis courts, the physical education department decided to spend some of the money from district funding to give the courts a remodeling: changing the courts from their old green and white color to a new blue and silver hue for school spirit.

“Personally, I love the new courts because there isn’t any gum on them or scuff marks or burn marks,” junior Brittaney Chang said.

Starting from the week after school ended, the tennis courts were being remodeled for three months until the week before school started.

Many people in the nearby neighborhood who used the tennis courts were forced to relocate their tennis games to other parks around Los Altos such as the Rosita Park tennis courts.

The absence of gum on the new tennis courts will help players in game and during practice; gum is notorious for sticking to players’ shoes and is known to cause performance issues because it makes it harder for players to run.