School Puts Up New Sign Over Quad

On Friday September 20, the school decided to put up an electrical marquee on the wall of the Eagle theatre.

“[I am] very excited about the new marquee because I think it will allow us to have a new way to communicate with students,” Assistant principal Christy Dawson said.

With this new electrical marquee, the school will show photos and videos of award winners or upcoming events. Some of these events could be testing dates or opportunities for classes.

Mountain View High School has had a sign over their quad for many years and has had great success in communication with its students. Because of this success, Los Altos has decided to replicate the idea of using a marquee to communicate with its own students.

Los Altos marquee is more advanced than Mountain View’s: it can display photos and videos in color while the marquee at Mountain View is restricted to orange letters only.

The installation of the marquee began at the beginning of the day and was completed during fourth period.

Ad Art Sign Company manufactured and sold the sign to the school, and different contractors installed the product.

Currently, the marquee is displaying photos from the homecoming dance, brunch and parade, in addition to current events and modified schedules.

Overall, the school thinks that the notice board will allow students to be more involved and connected to the school overall.