School Plans Year’s Second Camp Everytown Trip

The second group of students to attend Camp Everytown this year will leave on Wednesday, March 27 for a trip which will last three days.

More students signed up in the fall than the school could take. This second Camp Everytown will allow the remainder of students who could not be accommodated last semester to get the camp experience.

“I [wasn’t] able to go in the fall because that is water polo season and we had a tournament that weekend and wouldn’t be able to miss practice anyway,” senior Ian McColl said. “I decided to go this time because I have friends who went in the fall, and they said it was one of the best experiences of their lives. Although I’m not completely sure of what they do there, I still definitely look forward to it.”

This is the first time that a second Camp Everytown trip of this size has been planned. Many students have already signed up for the trip, though spots still remain open.

“This is the first time that I can even think of that I’ll be involved in two full camps in one year,” Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson said. “It’s always the same. It’s arduous. There’s a lot of recruiting and talking and meetings, so it’s somewhat stressful… And every time I go, I think, oh my gosh, that’s the best thing I could have done. So I have to just stay strong.”