School Paints Cafeteria Over Break

The cafeteria buildings were painted over winter break as a result of a campaign by seniors Sophia Steffens, Marissa Mirbach and Marissa’s mother, Susan Mirbach. They have been working with the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and the administration to help renovate and improve the cafeteria.

The dining area of the cafeteria has replaced its previous orange pillars with dark blue, while the far back wall has been painted sky blue. The wall with mosaic tiles, as well as its opposite wall, are tan, and the adjacent building has been painted with green and tan.

“The main motivation for painting the cafeteria was to try to make the general ambiance of the cafeteria more comfortable and welcoming,” Sophia said.

The group hopes that improving the environment in the cafeteria will lead to increased revenue, as well as increased popularity for the cafeteria food. The paint colors were chosen by members of the faculty who were allowed to see possible color panels before the cafeteria was painted.

“We are hoping that by improving the appearance of the cafeteria, we can make the cafeteria environment more upbeat and comfortable, as well as replace some of the negative impressions that people generally have about cafeteria food,” Sophia said.

[Photos by Lauren Liu]