School Kickball Tournament Kicks Off

ASB kicked off the annual kickball tournament today, April 17. A total of 12 teams entered the fray to compete for the winning spot.

The tournament is single elimination, with a total of four rounds including the semifinal and final round. A round is completed during lunch everyday and the tournament will be completed by next Tuesday, April 23.

The left side of the round 1 bracket was completed during lunch today. Most notable among the wins was the junior AP Language team, the Scarlet Ballers, which defeated its opponents The Pretty Pink Phlamingos 5-0. Teams Free Bandz Squad, Fat Boys Fresh, and Naughty Kitties all received byes.

On Friday, team Free Bandz Squad will face the Scarlet Ballers and Fat Boys Fresh will face Naughty Kitties.

Tomorrow, April 18, the right side of the first round bracket is supposed to finish. The following is the matchup for the games on Thursday:

We Get to Third vs Started from Bottom

Team Tatted vs Talon

Hit Squad vs Eleven Peeps

Team Smash: Bye

Those who are interested in spectating are welcome to come out to the soccer field during lunch for the next few school days.

“We had our first win today and so far it’s been great,” junior Owen Jow said.  “It’s cool that kickball gives me a chance to get together and play with friends during lunch, instead of just eating and studying.”