School investigates brunchtime fire alarm

Today, April 27, a smoke alarm went off near the 900 building elevator on the second floor during brunch. As of now, Los Altos is investigating the reason for the alarm, with suspicion that it may have been caused by smoking.

“When we investigated we didn’t find any signs of a fire, so it’s possible that someone was smoking in that area and that’s what set off the alarm,” Assistant Principal Galen Rosenberg said. “We assumed that it was probably the case that there was smoke in that area, but when I looked at the surveillance video, I didn’t see anything.”

Rosenberg suggested that a faulty smoke detector may have caused a false alarm , so the school is currently in communication with Honeywell, the company that creates the alarms.

“We want to make sure that we get true positives and not false positives, and certainly not negatives when there is a positive,” Rosenberg said.

The fire alarm sounded during brunch, with students dispersed around campus. Despite this, the process kept organized due to protocols requiring students to return to their first period classroom’s designated spot on the football field.

“We weren’t able to account for every student because plenty of students might have gone off campus or had a free 3rd period and weren’t around anymore, but as far as safely evacuating the school, it went really well.” Rosenberg said. “Students pretty much all went to the football field quickly once we reminded people that they had to be with their previous period’s class.”