School Installs New Recycling and Compost Cans in Quad

On Monday, October 14, students arriving at school found many new recycling and compost bins in the quad. The school’s waste disposal bins had not been replaced for over ten years, and many of the Green Team stickers had faded or peeled off. The new bins will help the campus style keep up with the addition of the new 900 wing.

The new bins have been color coded blue for recycling and green for composting in a continuation of the school’s efforts to create a waste-free campus. Assistant Principal Galen Rosenberg hopes that clearly color-coded disposal bins will make it more obvious to students which bin is which.

In addition, Rosenberg said that though students are generally good at putting their waste in the appropriate bins, there has been an increase in littering in the back of the school. The administration decided to put new bins in the quad and to move the old bins to the back to try to combat the littering problem.

The school has not finished sorting out where to put all of the new bins and where to move all the old ones, but the goal is for the new cans to help create an even greener campus.