School Hosts Ultimate Frisbee Event

Yesterday, November 12, the school hosted its first annual ultimate frisbee tournament on the football field. This event is replacing last year’s winter quidditch tournament, which is being taken out of the schedule.

The tournament will be held in a single elimination style with a total of 16 teams. In order to win the tournament, a team must go undefeated.

Proceeding into the winners bracket, the Hooligans, Frisbeasts, Ridisculous’ and Shuff Off (the faculty team), took a day of break before their next game, on Thursday. The other half of the teams which were seeded second and third tiers played today.

The defeated teams, the Seven Sexy Buddhas, the Chexmix, the Ridisculous and It’s Over have been eliminated from the tournament bracket and will not be playing any more.

The Hooligans defeated the Seven Sexy Buddhas 6-2, the Frisbeasts defeated the ChexMix 8-2, the Ridisculous versus mHAWT game ended with the Ridisculous team being disqualified for not having enough girls on the team.

“I really like team dynamics of frisbee – everyone has to work together to make a good team,” sophomore Harrison Beck said. “I really hope to see the frisbee tournaments returning next year.”