School Hosts Talent Show for Fundraiser

The school hosted the the talent show Los Altos Live yesterday, April 1, to fundraise for Camp Everytown scholarships. All the proceeds went toward students in need of money for the trip that Los Altos students take once a year. The school’s ASB also set up a bake sale to bring in additional profit. ASB has not yet determined the total amount of money collected.

“Some of the highlights this year was that there was greater participation from the Los Altos kids,” Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson said.

Acts included performances by groups such as the Latino Student Union and the dance team. Individuals such as freshman Adele Rosenthal and sophomore Savannah Swan also put on performances, doing a jump rope act and singing, respectively. Many of the students who performed at Los Altos Live will also be performing in the Diversity Assembly later this week.
Differing from last year’s performances consisting mainly of singing, a larger group of students displayed a fuller variety of talents this year.

On a rainy day, the Los Altos Live show still proved to be a huge success. The audience, which ranged from small children to older adults in the local community, filled up almost all the seats in the theater. Dawson was pleased with the large turnout this year.

“They are great every year,” Dawson said. “There is a real feeling that the community comes together, so it’s just a thrill for me.”