School Hosts Annual Spring Sports Awards

By Jaclyn Saik, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, May 23, Los Altos athletes were recognized for their accomplishments in spring sports as well as over the course of the year at the annual Spring Sports Awards. Among the variety of honors awarded, student-athletes who maintained 4.0 averages were awarded “Scholar Athlete” awards, and a variety of spring sports teams also distributed “Most Inspirational,” “Eagle Award” and “Coach’s Award” along with the usual “MVP” to honor their own teammates. “Athlete of the Year” as well as “Scholar Athlete of the Year” plaques were handed out to exceptional students from each grade level. Seniors who won those awards will, as always, get their names permanently posted in the large gym.

Girl’s basketball coach Jaclyn Brode and tennis coach Hung Nguyen received “Coach of the Year” awards in recognition of their years of excellence and service to the athletic department.

The night marked the last awards ceremony for Kim Cave, who has been the athletic director and P.E. teacher at Los Altos High School for 11 years. Every coach made sure to thank Ms. Cave and her contributions to their team, noting her unconditional support for the players and reliable organization as key factors in their own success. At the beginning of the ceremony, Ms. Cave was given an LAHS jersey with her last name printed on the back, a sentimental tribute to her long career of work for the school’s athletic department.

Here are the awards for “Athlete of the Year” and “Scholar Athlete of the Year”:

Freshman “Athlete of the Year”

Lindsay Halden

Evelyn Naher-Murphy

Freshman “Scholar Athlete of the Year”

Alice Kutsyy

Michaela Yip

Shay Adams

Adam Hollingsworth

Adam Sage

Sophomore “Athlete of the Year”

Naomi Donovan

Thea Mollerstedt

Rian Lawlor

Tyler St. Laurent

Sophomore “Scholar Athlete of the Year”

Kayley Gould

Henry Lai

Ben Rubin

Junior “Athlete of the Year”

Jamie Keston

Rodrigo Cochran

Vuk Radovanovic

Junior “Scholar Athlete of the Year”

Jasmine Shen

Eric Warmouth

Senior “Athlete of the Year”

Audrey Jones

Albin Mollerstedt

Senior “Scholar Athlete of the Year”

Anne Piercy

Jay Uppuluri