School Hosts Multiple Speakers for History Week

Monday, January 14, in the Eagle Theater

Period Name/Title Topic Description
1 Michelle Dennedy, VP and Chief Privacy Officer, McAfee, Inc. Internet Ethics and Personal Rights:As society adopts new technologies, what ethical considerations should guide us? What basic privacy, liability and ownership rights should we expect?
3 Professor David Sloss, Director of the Center for Global Law and Policy, Santa Clara University School of Law U.S. Role in International Human Rights Law: What has been our country’s role in contributing to and helping enforce international human rights laws?
5 Jazmin Segura, Federal Policy Advocate; Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network (SIREN) Rights of Immigrants: How have immigrant rights in this country evolved? What are the unique challenges facing immigrants and undocumented workers today?
6 Dr. Helen Stacy,  Senior Fellow, Stanford University’s Freeman Spogli Institute of International Studies; and Director, Program on Human Rights in the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law International Human Rights: How can international and regional human rights courts improve human rights standards while honoring cultural, social and religious values?

Tuesday, January 15, in the Eagle Theater

Period Name/Title Topic Description
2  Rolanda Pierre-Dixon, Asst. DA and Human Trafficking Liaison, Santa Clara County Human Rights, Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking:What is the incidence of domestic violence and human trafficking in our community today? What are the effects, and how can we help?
3 Sharon Yamato,  Director; Film: “A Flicker in Eternity” (26 minutes) (Note: this presentation will likely extend into the following Tutorial Period) Japanese Internment: What were the factors that led to the forced relocation of Japanese and Japanese-Americans in the U.S. during WWII? Follow the story of one young man interned in the camps who leaves to fight for his country.
4 Dr. Milt McColl, former San Francisco 49er and CEO, Gauss Surgical, Inc. and Dr. George Thabit, Orthopedic Surgeon and former team physician, San Francisco 49ers Student Athletes Rights: There has been significant new legislation concerning athlete rights. What current and proposed laws and policies protect student athletes? How have these protections evolved over the years?
5 Professor Eric Goldman, Director of the High Tech Law Institute, Santa Clara University  School of Law and Forbes Magazinecontributor Internet and Social Media Usage Rights: What rights and protections should users of social media expect? What happens when things go wrong?

Wednesday, January 16, in the Eagle Theater

Period Name/Title Topic Description
2 Professor Deborah Rhode, Director of the Center on the Legal Profession and former Director of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at Stanford University, and author of The Beauty Bias and Dr. Laraine Zappert, Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Stanford Medical School and founder of Stanford’s Sexual Harassment Policy Office.Film: Excerpts from “Miss Representation” Women’s Rights and Treatment in the Media: How does the depiction of females in the media affect women’s impact and leadership roles in our society? How does it influence women’s treatment in courts, the workplace and life?
4 Judy Rickard, author, Torn Apart: United by Love, Divided by Lawand Wiggsy Sivertsen, Clinical Social Worker, San Jose Sate University LGBT Rights: What protections and rights are available to members of our LGBT communities?  What are the greatest rights challenges that remain?
6 Amanda Freeman, Education Director andTammy Caplan, Associate Education Director; Silicon Valley FACESFilm: “Bullied” (40 minutes) Student Civil Rights and Bullying: How often is someone bullied in our society? What forms does bullying take? What steps can a student take to become “no longer a bystander”?

Wednesday, Special Presentation in the Eagle Theater

Time Name/Title Topic Description
7:00 – 9:45 pm Hon. James Robertson, former Chief Counsel, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and retired US District Judge for the District of Columbia; and Mr. Lee Rubin, Partner, Mayer Brown LLP, former prosecutor with the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, and Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia.Film: “Mississippi Burning”(90 minutes) Civil Rights Movement: How well do the events and issues portrayed in the film match real-life experience?  How did the events and outcomes of the Civil Rights movement impact later cases and legislation?  What are some of the more recent challenges to civil rights in the US?

Thursday, January 17, in the Eagle Theater

Period Name/Title Topic Description
1 Jessica Boyles, Human Trafficking Prevention Coordinator and Sue Barnes, Rape Crisis Prevention Services Manager, YWCA of San Jose Human Trafficking: What are the incidence and latest developments in human trafficking? What is happening locally, and what is being done to combat human trafficking?  What can students and others do to help?
3 Stephen Wu, Partner, Cooke Kobrick & Wu LLP, 2010 – 2011 Chair of the American Bar Association Section of Science and Technology Law, and Lecturer, Santa Clara University School of Law; and Peter Andrada, Project Manager, McAfee Inc. Technology and Social Media User Rights and Protections: What personal data and images do social media users own?  What are users’ liabilities? What are the best ways to protect privacy and commercial rights?
5 Milton Reynolds, Senior Program Associate, FACING HISTORY AND OURSELVES Human Rights: What forms have racial and religious discrimination taken across history?  What role does eugenics play in discrimination and threats to human rights?

Friday, January 18, in the Eagle Theater

Period(s) Name/Title Topic Description
1 – 6 Amanda Freeman, Education Director and Tammy Caplan, Associate Education Director, Silicon Valley FACES; andLAHS Camp Everytown Alumni Human Rights and “Everyday Heroes”:How can individuals promote human rights through individual actions? Learn about some extraordinary and inspiring examples of individual heroism.

[Photos by Juliet Moore]