School Holds See’s Candies Fundraiser

Each class will help hold the See’s Candies fundraiser as it starts today, November 14, and runs until Thursday, November 29. While the annual fundraiser was formerly exclusive to the senior class, this year all classes can participate.

“We can raise more money this way because even more people will be involved,” Senior Class President John Lee said.

Students can pick up an order form from a class council member and sell to friends, family and faculty.

“Seniors get dibs on administration and teachers, though,” junior Lillian Zhou said.

The See’s Candies fundraiser has previously been very successful, with the past senior classes bringing in roughly $1,000 each time.

“It’s a really big fundraiser for us,” John said. “That’s why we want to get everyone in on this because it would be awesome to have so many [students] participate.”