School Holds Annual Strictly Strings Concert

The school held the 20th Annual Strictly Strings Concert in the Eagle Theater today, February 12 at 7 p.m.

The performance featured the school’s string musicians playing together with music students from elementary schools Almond, Gardner Bullis, Covington and Santa Rita, as well as those from Egan Junior High School.

The concert gives younger students a chance to hear more advanced musicians, and also gives them experience in performing in a large orchestra.

“It’s one of the only opportunities [where] we get to see the whole spectrum of the strings program from the little kids who begin, all the way to the old kids who leave,” Concert Orchestra Conductor Don Miller said.

The school’s chamber orchestra performed one piece with Egan’s eighth-grade orchestra, while the concert orchestra played alone. Students from the seventh and sixth-grade string programs also performed together.

“It’s important for recruitment and it’s important for the parents to see where the kids are headed,” Miller said.