School Hires Replacement Security Liaison

New Security Liaison Heidi Galvez joined the school’s staff on Thursday, February 5, filling the position left behind by Ron Nelson. Her general duty on campus is to protect and support the welfare of everyone at the school.
After having worked in law enforcement for around 14 years, Galvez is getting her master’s degree in school counseling. She hopes to one day look for a position involving counseling students and is very happy at the school.
“I like working with kids,” Galvez said. “[Los Altos] is similar to where I am from, Menlo Park.”
After being confirmed on Wednesday, February 6, Galvez started her job one day later, dealing with “first and foremost, the safety of the students.”
Although Galvez has previously worked around the area, this is her first time working in Los Altos. Galvez has been enjoying her new job, which differs greatly from her work in Pittsburgh, Hayward and Daly City.
In her previous jobs, she was handling at-risk teens, so the appreciation level here surprised her a little at first.
“I’m pleasantly surprised at how respectful the students are,” Galvez said. “It’s a nice change of pace. Even just walking around, it’s very different.”
She is eager to meet all of the students on campus.
“I’m just trying to learn everyone’s name,” Galvez said. “It’ll take time.”
Many of the students may not recognize her because she does not wear a yellow shirt.
“It’s a mutual decision to not wear the shirt,” Galvez said. “For me, it’s a safety issue, obviously [security] being a target, and I blend in more, as well.”
When asked what students would be interested in knowing about their new security agent, she said, “I’m nice and respectful, and I’ll give you a break but I need to do my job.”