School Hires Part-Time Survey Skills Teacher


Photo by Natalie Munguia.

At the start of the second semester, Los Altos welcomed Jesse Soza as a new Survey Skills teacher. The school hired Soza due to an increased demand for the Survey Skills class, a supplement class to the freshman English class.

Los Altos created the third Survey Skills class to account for an increased number of freshmen struggling in English. While Los Altos offered two Survey Skills classes at the beginning of the school year, more students requested to take the class for the second semester.

Soza has previous experience with teaching students struggling with their education. He previously worked in schools in Redwood City, San Jose, Compton and Inglewood, to help out students behind on classwork.

“I was a teacher for 12 years before,” Soza said. “I had worked in many environments that dealt with students who were struggling with their academics. I decided to stop teaching and finish my doctorate in Los Angeles, then moved back up here.”

In the mornings before his seventh period, Soza works as a consultant for nonprofit organizations that help schools with struggling students.

“I work as a consultant, working with nonprofits and schools surrounding the idea of teacher attrition and attention and wellbeing,” Soza said. “That was the main study when I was in my doctoral program, and it’s something I’ve tried to bring to a full time business.”

With his afternoons free, Soza looked for another part-time job. As a former teacher, he longed to find work in the classroom again.

“I was looking for something to do in the afternoons because I’m not a full time consultant,” Soza said. “I missed the classroom, so I was just looking around for positions that would be very part time and in an area which is usually supporting students that were struggling.”

In the Survey Skills class, Soza helps students get their English work done. The class helps English students complete their work for their English class and strengthens their English skills.

While Soza’s position may not be permanent for next school year, he hopes to keep this part time job.

“I’d be happy to continue working if it is still open, but I’m not sure if this will be available next year,” Soza said.