School Goes Green by Updating SIS System

The Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District will be updating the Student Information Service (SIS) system on Thursday, May 2. The website interface will be down for a brief period on the service date, but will return revamped with a slew of new features.

“The [new] interface is going to be much more user-friendly,” Assistant Principal Perla Passalo said. “Students and parents can [go on the website] and add multiple students, directly adjust contact information [and] add multiple guardians.”

The new site will also help the school move towards its goal of zero waste by providing downloadable emergency forms and paperwork, which traditionally went through snail mail.

“We won’t have to send out packets and packets of emergency cards and emergency forms,” Pasallo said. “All the forms [and all the cards] will be [on the site] as downloadables.”