School Elects Class Council Officers

Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson announced class council election results over the PA system after sixth period today.
Students heard class council speeches on Tuesday during tutorial, with the juniors in the Eagle Theater, the sophomores on the football field and the freshmen in the large gym. Students then reported to their fourth period classes to vote for their preferred candidates.
For the Class of 2012, freshmen Audrey Cashen was elected as president, Chuck Kuo for vice president, Daniel Eaton for secretary, Jackie Simon for treasurer, Gabi Hamlett for publicity and Meg Nichols for activities commissioner.
For the Class of 2011, sophomores Libby Strichartz was elected for president, Tyler Stout for vice president, Kelsey Ayers for secretary, Erika Schonher for treasurer, Nick Giles for publicity and Carolyn Huang for activities commissioner.
For next year’s Senior Class, juniors Anjali Mehta was elected to be president, Kalyn Nakano for vice president, Anne Mielke for secretary, Wing Man Yip for treasurer, Jessica Rodriguex for publicity and Helen Broering for activities commissioner.