School Debuts New Upgrades

The school made several new technological and facility upgrades this year that were purchased through donations and government-allocated funds.

Three new flat screen televisions were purchased with donations to the school maintenance and site funds. They ensure that all students can see the daily morning announcements even from non-classroom settings.

The one in the library also hooked up to a new computer, which gives teachers the opportunity to deliver multimedia presentations.

The two in the locker rooms are generally left on sports channels throughout the day.

“[The TVs] tend to be left on sports channels, to make them less of a target,” Athletic Director Kim Cave said.

Security measures prevent students from entering the rooms without an adult or teacher present.

Library Resources
The library purchased 300 new books, mostly fiction picked out for students and reference materials to be used on class visits to the library.

According to librarian Nina Waite, the library has also invested in “wireless Internet access that the students can use on their own laptop computers.” The wireless has been installed and will hopefully be functional for students to use in the near future.

Storage Shed
The storage shed that has replaced the bike cage is being used for theater storage, but other groups are hoping to use some of the space as well. Along with district support in building the shed, the MVLA soccer district contributed its help into building and funding it. Students are noticing crowding on the rest of the bike racks.