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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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School dances lack in comparison to Mountain View’s

Students would expect LAHS and Mountain View High School to have similar school events, as the two are sister schools. While MVHS recently held its formal Winter Ball at the Tech Museum, LAHS students are once again stuck with a dance held in the large gym.

Additionally, MVHS, unlike LAHS, has a combined junior and senior prom, and having a Winter Formal dance gives opportunities to many eager underclassmen to attend another formal school event. It is unfair that LAHS students are shortchanged of this experience.

“It is totally unfair that MVHS gets a winter formal at the Tech Museum, and we have to stay at school,” senior Preshia Washington said. “Our winter dance is so ‘lame’ every year and the theme is never appealing.”

Several years ago, LAHS did in fact have a “Winter Formal.” However, it was also held in the school gym. Mountain View always holds the dance at another venue, and because of the venue’s great appeal, MVHS sold twice as many tickets as usual. Tickets were only from $30 to $40 each as a result.

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“It was amazing,” MVHS junior Marisa Mulkey said. “Everyone—even those who don’t like to dance—had a really good time.”

Mountain View’s formal dances get increasingly more formal throughout the year.

“If I went to Los Altos and saw all these Mountain View kids getting a Winter Ball, I would be really annoyed,” Mountain View High junior Nicole Andrews said. “I would be really jealous if I was an LAHS student.”

While many students here would prefer having a Winter Ball, informal dances also do have their appeal to some groups of students.

“I like informal dances better,” senior Tricia Cook said. “You have more choices in deciding what to wear. Formal dances are more expensive and require more effort.”

Others point out that LAHS may not have the necessary funds that are needed to make a Winter Ball possible.

“I’m not sure how we would manage to pay for it while still raising money for prom,” Junior Class President Libby Strichartz said.

Yet, MVHS seems to be successful; this year it sold enough tickets to pay for costs by finding a unique venue. If there is a major financial discrepancy between the sister schools, LAHS should look into addressing it— perhaps through more creative fundraising.

While it is unfortunate that LAHS students do not have the same opportunity as MVHS students to enjoy a Winter Ball, all students are still encouraged to attend the informal blackout-themed Winter Dance this year on Friday, February 26. Hopefully in the future the idea of an LAHS Winter Ball will be given its due consideration.

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