School cuts regular calculus section

This year, the school is offering one less section of regular calculus class than last year, leaving some students without a math class. Students who were not placed in a calculus class at Los Altos are either waitlisted for a class or taking the class elsewhere.
Class placements are filled by demand, meaning that extra students requesting a class would usually result in another section of the class being added. However, if only a few students are left without a class, they may be waitlisted.
Students who do not have a calculus class will either fill their requirements at Foothill College or another community college or are put on the waiting list for a calculus class. More spots tend to open up after the first two weeks, when drop forms for classes become available.
School administrators say that failure to place students in a math class is uncommon, because the district collaborates with community resources to ensure all students are placed.
“If we saw that there was a need during the summer and…there is one, two [students without a class,] that is when we have a waitlist,” Woolfolk said. “Typically the district works with the foundation and the district money to make sure that student needs and interests are met.”