School Considers Holding Second Camp Everytown in Spring

The school is considering holding a second Camp Everytown in the spring due to the large amount of students who are interested in going. Last year, about 65 students participated in the camp, forming the largest group ever to attend.

Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson said that 75 students already have applications, while another 15 to 20 students are still asking for them.

“Last year [it] was so hard to get kids to go, it was impossible,” Dawson said. “This year I didn’t even have to recruit. So depending on members, we may go a second time. We’ll have to see.”

ASB member junior Mia Montanez said that she believes that this year’s increase in interest is due to the “hype from last year.”

“Hearing all the stories about how great and life-changing it was really affected everyone’s opinions on going,” Mia said.

A second Camp Everytown in the spring will also give students who cannot participate in the first camp due to sports commitments a chance to attend.

“I have multiple volleyball games during the days of camp, and there is no way of getting out of it,” junior Hanna Koehler said. “I would go to the second session without a doubt.”