School Approved to Officially Administer ACT

The school can now officially administer the ACT, after Assessment Coordinator Julie Corzine sent in an application to have the school approved as an ACT host during the few weeks of school. The approval has saved students the trouble of travelling to other high schools in order to take the exam.

“I hope that by having the ACT on campus, it might open some doors for students who might not have considered taking it or don’t have a way to get to other test site locations,” Corzine said. “Students, of course, tend to feel more comfortable testing at a location they are familiar with so hopefully this will help reduce some of the test anxiety for students. Gunn [High School] and [Palo Alto High School] are the only other test centers in our area and they only offer the test a couple times a year.”

Students who have taken the ACT in past years have complained about the inconvenience of driving to far away locations on the morning of an important test.

“I had to drive to Millbrae on the morning of the ACT,” senior Mohan Avula said. “I’m not, you know, used to waking up at six every day. Actually, I feel like my test score could have been higher if not for the fact that I had to drive for an hour.”

As ACT administration is a new asset, the only test date available for the 2012-2013 school year is February 9. The testing registration code for LAHS is 244850.