School Adds New Trainer

The school hired a new certified sports trainer, Brent Hatakeyama, to preserve athletes’ health and prevent dangerous injuries from occurring.

Through extensive interviews and referrals, the administration picked Hatakeyama as the most suitable candidate for the job. Hatakeyama comes from Morgan Hill and is very excited to work with the new student body.

Hatakeyama is the first medical practitioner hired officially as a trainer. In the past, the school had a joint trainer program with San Jose State University (SJSU). The joint trainer program with San Jose State granted alumni student of SJSU a stepping stone to jobs. Cycling through trainers every two years, the school granted a pool of SJSU alumni the opportunity to gain hands-on experience before becoming a certified trainer. However, the school is no longer a part of that program this year.

“SJ State canceled the program last year to temporarily make room for a rebuilding phase,” athletic director Kim Cave said.

Hatakeyama, who recently graduated from SJSU, passed his certification test this July. He is very happy to be working with the school and looks forward to the challenging aspects to his new job.

“There’s a lot of bright kids here,” Hatakeyama said. “It’s pretty enjoyable. Working with so many sports at one time makes it hard, but I’m doing the best I can, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job.”

Hatakeyama hopes to gain experience in order to further his vocational skills and perhaps seek a different job sometime in the distant future.

“How long I stay at Los Altos High School is a tough question to answer, but while I am here I will increase my knowledge and experience while providing great service to a school with many athletes,” Hatakeyama said.

Hatakeyama can be found in the small building on the track, during the afterschool hours.