Santa Clara Edges Past Girls Basketball

The Eagles met the Santa Clara High School Bruins on the basketball court yesterday, January 25 in a close contest, during which the Bruins barely trumped the LAHS squad 48-45.

“The whole game was pretty close,” junior Ideen Seyed said. “We all hustled a lot but our shots were just not falling.”

The Eagles started off slow on the first whistle, trailing behind Santa Clara during the beginning. The team eventually found its rhythm, however, and was able to make up for the deficit.

The game was a close match-up and could have gone either way, but the win fell to Santa Clara. A combination of bad luck and a slow start made it an unfortunate game for the Eagles, but their spirits haven’t been dampened.

“We need to start off better and get our shots going and play defense,” Ideen said. “Just play as a team and no one can stop us.”

The Eagles will take on Saratoga High School at home at 7 p.m. on Friday, January 27.