Safeway Gives Supplies to LAHS


Photo by Francesca Fallow.

On Friday, September 2, former Los Altos student and Safeway Manager Antonio Cesario donated Safeway school supplies to LAHS. Antonio graduated six years ago, and has worked at Safeway for most of his post-graduation life. The Supplies were in the College and Carreer Center free to all students until they ran out.

Safeway had a large sale of school supplies at the end of the summer. After the sale ended, our local Safeway had a surplus of supplies.

“I’ve been working at Safeway for a few years now,” Antonio said. “Over the summer we had a workshop at Safeway for school supplies. We had extra supplies after the sale, so I decided to give them to LAHS.”

Antonio got in contact with the school about the supplies through English teacher Susana. Herrera. The amount of supplies granted exceed her expectations.

“Antonio wanted to donate some school supplies,” Herrera Said, “I didn’t know they would have five truck beds. He wanted to donate it to me because he knows I teach a couple of classes that have students that have needs, but I wanted to give it to the school.”

The supplies were first distributed throughout the school to resource support classes, and then were diverted to the College and Career Center.

“It’s awesome to see kids getting new school supplies,” Herrera Said, “I love bringing supplies in and bringing it to people who need it, it’s good to see them happy.”