Red Cross Assembles First Aid Kits

Yesterday, January 14, the Red Cross Club assembled 100 first aid kits for emergency classroom usage. Most of the new kits went toward replacing older first aid kits that were deemed insufficient; many classrooms had old kits that were unusable in a proper emergency.

“We noticed that a lot in the first aid kits that teachers have right now are really old or don’t have a lot of necessary things, like alcohol wipes,” senior co-president Alina Chen said.

Each classroom will receive one new first aid kit, leaving only a few leftover kits that will be used to replenish classrooms that have used their kits.

Each kit includes a pair of gloves, band-aids, elbow band-aids and alcohol wipes which were ordered in bulk from an online source.

Red Cross is trying to start out small by first helping the school with the first aid kits. The club plans to later move on to help the community.