Recycle The Talon! We Give You Five Ways to Enjoy a Newspaper

What can you do once you have finished reading The Talon? Here is five fun ways to recycle The Talon without dumping it in a trashcan.

Warm yourself up
A few staples at the top of each page can turn a single issue of The Talon into a 22×80 inch blanket. Just separate the pages and staple. This can be handy when napping at bus stops, having picnics in the park or when it is just plain old cold outside. It may not be too warm, but it is better than nothing. The Talon blanket can also be handy for camouflage.

Design an outfit
In these tough economic times it can be tough to find affordable and good-looking clothes, so why not make your own? All you need to do is wrap pages of The Talon around yourself and secure them with duct tape (just to be safe). And for guys who are too “manly” to wear a dress, throw some paper over your shoulder and call it a toga. Everyone wins. And to all the future fashion designers, this is a direct challenge to make the best possible clothes through recycling The Talon.
“I love the new look, it’s very newspaper-y!”

Go fly a kite
For this one, you are going to need two sticks, some string and some glue. Tie the two sticks together with some string so they form a cross. Then, tie some string around each tip of the wood to form a diamond. Now, get a page from The Talon and glue it to one side of the diamond so you can still see the sticks from the other side. Tie some string to where the two sticks meet and voila! A kite! Take it down to Shoreline’s kite flying area and give it a whirl.
“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the Talon kite!”

Wrap a gift
Do you ever find yourself buying last minute gifts five minutes before the party that you have nothing to wrap it in? Well, here is the solution for you. Instead of wasting money and killing trees, use the paper as wrapping paper. Not only will the newspaper wrapped gift look really cool, but it will give them something to read once they’re done.
“I love the elephant figurine you gave me for my birthday, but the wrapping paper was so much cooler!”

Make a hat
Want to be the coolest kid in school? Make The Talon into a hat and wear it around proudly.
First, fold The Talon in half horizontally across the crease (pre-made, hamburger style).
Now, fold the two corners towards the center, forming a triangle. There should be two flaps at the bottom. Also, make sure there is a hole at the bottom of the triangle.
Fold up one flap on each side, and Yahtzee! A hat! It’s the easiest hat you’ll ever get (unless you buy one).