Recruiting Realities Speech Offers Sobering Picture of College Athletics

On Monday, February 25, touring speaker Jack Renkens from Recruiting Realities presented an hour-long lecture on recruiting for college athletics for the school’s parents and students in the Eagle Theatre. The speech offered a sobering picture about the reality of being recruited for college.

“This is not a four year decision; it’s a 40-year decision… This is about finding the right match academically right out of the shoot,” Renkens said.

Many student-athletes receive endless flows of college pamphlets while being recruited. Renkens advises students to refrain from only focusing on the most prestigious schools because there are many other less-known, yet academically rigorous universities that will also offer aid for playing athletics.

“We don’t get to pick the school,” Renkens said. “Because if they don’t pay, we don’t play… Colleges can tell any family how much they love your son or daughter and how they’ll make [for] a great impact player.”

The litmus test to determine which schools to pursue are the ones willing to offer financial aid; these are the schools who will actually play your student.

For more information on college athletic recruiting, visit Recruiting Realities’ website: