Recent Robberies in Downtown Los Altos Prompt Increased Police Presence

Despite having recently been named the 23rd safest city in the U.S. by Location Inc., Los Altos has been plagued by a record number of robberies and break-ins in the previous months. In February and March alone, the number of robberies that have occurred are equivalent to the total number of robberies that occurred in the entire year of 2012. The places robbed include the Standard Liquors store, the Comerica bank, and the Bank of the West.

“While we’re extremely proud of this designation, we realize that we still have crime occurring,” Los Altos Police Chief Tuck Younis said in an interview with the Town Crier. “There are still victims out there – we still have an obligation to protect our city and residents. … Having these bank robberies occurring so close together is very concerning to us.”

The most recent robbery occurred on Tuesday, March 19. A hooded suspect armed with a semi-automatic handgun threatened the cashier of the Standard Liquors store on First Street. The store reported handing over an undisclosed amount of money to the suspect, and the police are still investigating the case. According to the police report, the robbery on Tuesday was not linked to a similar armed robbery that occurred earlier in February.

The Bank of the West at 176 Main Street has also been robbed twice. The first armed robbery occurred on Monday, February 11, and the involved suspect left with an undisclosed amount of money. In the second armed robbery, which occurred on Saturday, March 6, the suspect entered the bank with a duffel bag and left with $17,000 in cash. The police are investigating both cases.

The police are also investigating the robbery of the Comerica bank at 275 Third Street, which occurred on March 6 when a suspect, brandishing a weapon, took an undisclosed amount of money from the bank.

Students or staff who have witnessed the crimes and who possess information can call the Anonymous Witness Hotline at (650)-947-2774.