Goodwill Hunter's senior Ahmad Washington , with teammate senior Max Higareda cheering him on in the background, gears up to throw against the Globo Gym Purple Cobras in the championship match.

Kunal Pandit

Recap: Dodgeball’s Final Day

April 30, 2017

Last Friday, the school held the championship round of the dodgeball tournament. Now, all the real fans have to look forward to is the next tournament a year from now — and The Talon’s off-season coverage. Scroll down for game reports, scores and words from the players.


Kunal Pandit
SNIPE’s juniors Max Molchanov (left), Jared Lee (center) and Coby Zorn (right) line up, readying an attack against the Average Throws in quarterfinals.

Average Throws vs. SNIPE

In the highly anticipated rematch of last year’s semifinals, the reigning champions, Average Throws, ended SNIPE’s run for the second year in a row. The Average Throws, a team consisting of two teachers and four senior varsity baseball players, destroyed SNIPE’s all-junior team in 2 straight rounds.

“It was pretty rough, because we only got two outs in the entire three games we played,” SNIPE’s junior Coby Zorn said. “I don’t think next year we’ll lose [to them]. Most of the players on the Average Throws are seniors, so they’ll have graduated.”



Kunal Pandit
Catch U Outside’s junior Zach Murphy (front), senior Kai Jarmon (back left) and senior Max Sullivan (back right) wait for the opening whistle against the Cougars in quarterfinals.

Catch U Outside vs. Cougars

With two minutes left in regulation time, freshman Eric Jones of the Cougars stood by himself against all six members of Catch U Outside. They caught their first break when junior Zach Espiritu threw the ball directly into the arms of Eric, which brought teammate freshman Zach Fuchs back into the game. Through more catches and defensive plays by the duo, together they eliminated every member of the opposing team and snatched a win out from the hands of defeat.

“[Cougars] was an all-freshmen team, besides me,” Cougars’ senior Audrey Jones said. “One of the other team members was my brother, and he wanted to play on a team so I was like okay sure because I didn’t have a team. It was cool because there hasn’t been a freshmen team that’s made it to semifinals since the Freshmen Phenoms, which was the team that I was on before, so it was really cool just to be able to play again.”

Kunal Pandit
Baby Got Backhand’s senior Adam Rosenbaum adjusts his headband as he prepares for his game against the Globo Purple Gym Cobras in quarterfinals.

Baby Got Backhand vs. Globo Gym Purple Cobras

The first round took up most of the regulation time, with the Globo Gym Purple Cobras holding an advantage for most of the match. Although the majority tennis-players Baby Got Backhand team members seniors Adam Rosenbaum and Jay Uppuluri managed to fend off the opposing team for much of the regulation period, seniors Albin Mollerstedt and Brandon Falo led Globo Gym Purple Cobras’ offensive to advance in the tournament.

“Obviously you’ve gotta feel pretty gutted after losing to a team made up of your friends,” Baby Got Backhand’s senior Adam Rosenbaum said. “I felt like I was in a deep dark hole. Their team captain, Albin Mollerstedt, I hate him with all my heart, you know, so losing to him certainly stung. Then I got to see them lose in the finals which was really nice.”

Kunal Pandit
LA Seagles’ junior Simon Heck waits for the opening whistle against the Goodwill Hunters in quarterfinals.

Goodwill Hunters vs. LA Seagles

After a slow start to the game, the Goodwill Hunters came back to take down the LA Seagles, the underdogs of the tournament consisting of marching band students. The LA Seagles played a strong defense game led by junior Simon Heck and Jared Shing, but their catching abilities were not enough to stop the offensive output of the Goodwill Hunters.

“Our whole theme was Goodwill Hunters so we went to Goodwill, and everything we were wearing we purchased at Goodwill,” Goodwill Hunters’ senior Tommy Andrews said. “It was so much fun just playing out there with my friends. The other teams were really good, so we just had to play our best, catch as much as we could and throw low to make sure we didn’t get caught. That was the strategy and it worked out.”


Kunal Pandit
Brother and sister freshman Eric (left) and senior Audrey Jones (right) were two members of the Cougars. The Cougars advanced to the semifinal round, pulling off an upset victory in quarterfinals against Catch U Outside and losing in a sudden-death round against the Globo Purple Gym Cobras in semifinals.

Cougars vs. Goodwill Hunters

After the starting whistle, senior Tommy Andrews and the Goodwill Hunters aggressively claimed all six balls — even those already in the hands of the Cougars. The Goodwill Hunters took down senior Audrey Jones and her squad of freshmen to win the first game with all six players still on court. Although the Goodwill Hunters dominated for the majority of regulation time, the Cougars managed to take out the senior team one by one. With only 10 seconds left on the clock, freshman Eric Jones caught senior Max Higareda’s ball then hit senior Ahmad Washington to send the game into sudden-death overtime.

“I caught Max Higareda’s ball to get him out, and I looked up at the clock and there were only seven seconds left,” Eric said. “I knew I could have one last throw, so I threw as hard as I could and ended up getting Ahmad in the foot.”

In overtime, Goodwill Hunters member senior Matt Truscott landed a hit on Audrey, ending the game in a 2-1.

“Winning was awesome,” Matt said. “It was pretty scary and intense, and it felt good to get the last hit that sent us to the finals.”

Kunal Pandit
The Globo Purple Gym Cobras celebrate after defeating last year’s champions, the Average Throws, in semifinals on a 1-0.

Average Throws vs. Globo Gym Purple Cobras

On the other side of the bracket, the Globo Gym Purple Cobras took on last year’s finalists Average Throws. During the first round, both teams found themselves with 3-4 people, throw-outs and catches being made on both sides. After a long first round, the Cobras came out on top after some decisive plays that left the Average Throws with one player on the court.

The second round was also tense; the Cobras held back and played more defensively while the Average Throws went on a desperate offensive. Throws from Ryan Buchner and catches by Justin Kramer gave the Throws an vantage point to win a round, but seniors Brandon Falo and Brendon Ng held off the Throws and ran down the clock to end the game with a score of 1-0. Although math teacher Matt Chaffee had a strong showing in the previous game, he failed to make a catch or throw-out this game.

“I wasn’t focused on winning,” Globo Gym Purple Cobras’ junior Hayden Hoffman said. “I was focused on Mr. Chaffee. I wanted to inflict the pain on him that he had inflicted on me in Algebra 2 Honors.”


Kunal Pandit
Goodwill Hunters’ senior Aidan Kelleher holds the championship trophy after the Hunters’ triumph over the Globo Purple Gym Cobras.

Globo Gym Purple Cobras vs. Goodwill Hunters

In the championship game, the Globo Gym Purple Cobras faced off against the Goodwill Hunters. The Goodwill Hunters dominated the first round both offensively and defensively with multiple back-to-back catches and outs from seniors Krissy Ikeda, Aidan Kelleher and Tommy Andrews. Cobras’ senior Albin Mollerstedt made a catch and throw-out to even the playing field, but it wasn’t enough. Cobras’ senior Meilin Tsao kept the round alive by dodging the balls thrown at her but was finally hit to put the Hunters in the lead.

With a 1-0 lead, the Hunters continued to dominate offensively, picking off the Cobras. Once again isolated, Meilin proved her dodging abilities and even got Tommy out. But a throw caught by Matt Truscott decisively won the game for the Hunters on a 2-0 with 30 seconds on the clock.

“We faced some adversity with two injuries before the tournament so we had two subs,” Aidan said. “The subs did great, they were awesome. We had some close games in the end, but we made it, we made it through… It’s fun. It’s just fun to play dodgeball and to win, it’s nice.”

Tournament MVP:

Aidan Kelleher (12)

First Team:

Ryan Buchner (12)

Matt Chaffee (Math Teacher)

Eric Jones (9)

Audrey Jones (12)

Aidan Kelleher (12)

Albin Mollerstedt (12)

Second Team:

Zach Espiritu (11)

Simon Heck (11)

Meilin Tsao (12)

Connor Altinger (9)

Ahmad Washington (12)

Brandon Falo (12)

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