‘Reaper,’ ‘Gossip Girl’ Usher in Revamped CW Lineup

Leading the revival is the new sci-fi comedy “Reaper,” which follows Sam, a young man who lives a normal life working at a hardware store until Satan comes to collect his soul. Sam’s parent’s sold his soul so that when he turns 21, he becomes Satan’s servant. Armed with a Dirt Devil from the real devil, Sam becomes a bounty hunter bringing souls back that escaped from hell.

The show is a hybrid between “Clerks” and “Fantastic Four.” Sam is a slacker who lives at home and works at a hardware store because college was too hard.

Unfortunately for Sam, saying no to the devil is not an option. His telekinetic powers and bounty hunting do not seem to pair with the slacker comedy, but it works well.

This show is entertaining, but the special effects are disappointing. The special effects in “Reaper” are comparable to old “Power Rangers” episodes.

Aside from the poor special effects, “Reaper” has a lot of promise. Sam and his sidekick sock have chemistry that many other shows lack. Its fresh humor and new angles are refreshing in a world where television has lost all sense of originality. “Reaper” airs every Tuesday on The CW at 9 p.m.

Gossip Girl
The CW also introduced “Gossip Girl,” the new show based on a teen book series by Cecily von Ziegesar. “Gossip Girl” follows the lives of four prep school girls from Manhattan’s Upper EAst Side as told by a blogger infatuated with their every move. It is a tangled web of lies, love and most importantly, drama.

“Gossip Girl” is the East coast prep school version of “The O.C” from the same producer, with an uncanny resemblance to “Newport Harbor” and “The Hills.” like many other teen drama shows, “Gossip Girl” is a guilty pleasure and already has a following. With over 3 million viewers for the pilot episode, “Gossip Girl” is ranked second in its time slot.

“Gossip Girl” lacks depth. The girls do not seem to have true feelings since everything moves so fast. The viewer also does not have a chance to really connect with the characters.

The cast is new and lacks chemistry and poise. Needless to say, no Emmys will be won by any of them any time soon.

Overall, “Gossip Girl” is still a good show for any teenage girls who enjoy watching drama unfold on the television screen. If you’re looking for a how that will explain the meaning of life and have a profound impact on your life, look elsewhere.