Random Acts of Kindness Hosts Conduct Us Event

During lunch on Thursday, February 13, the Random Acts of Kindness club hosted an activity called Conduct Us in honor of Random Acts of Kindness Week. During the event, 14 student musicians played their instruments in the quad and allowed other students to act as conductors of the ensemble.

“At first, onlookers were confused at what was going on, which is understandable, since there was a group of people in black in the middle of the quad with instruments,” senior Kelsey Xu said. “But after some initial hesitation, people got along with it. Most people were embarrassed to come up, but with some pushing, we were able to get people willing to conduct us….About 10-20 people came up to conduct us.”

The club was initially inspired by Improv Everywhere, a group that posted a video on YouTube in which they performed the same activity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_cbnBak8RI.

“Afterwards, we were definitely exhausted,” Kelsey said. “But above all, Conduct Us was a ton of fun, and went pretty smoothly, which is wonderful….Hopefully, RAK will continue to put on Conduct Us for years to come.”