Random Acts of Kindness Club Greets AP Test Takers

After the Calculus AB and BC AP tests on Wednesday, May 7, and the Biology AP Test today, May 11, the Random Acts of Kindness club greeted test takers outside of the library with free cookies and lemonade.

“We just wanted to nourish the students who just finished taking a really grueling test,” club president senior Kelsey Xu said. “It’s right before finals, it’s a really stressful time, and I feel like cookies and lemonade would boost [AP students’] mood a little bit, at least temporarily, to alleviate some of the stress.”

The club began this tradition last year, supporting only European History AP students due to the smaller size of the club. Now, with a larger club size, Random Acts of Kindness hopes to make this an annual event.

Random Acts of Kindness will continue to distribute these refreshments for two more AP tests: European History (Wednesday, May 14) and Microeconomics (Thursday, May 15).