Quiznos Torpedo Sub Lethal Weapon

Since the creation of the submarine sandwich, Subway and Quiznos have been worthy rivals in a battle to dominate the sandwich industry. The battle has seemed bleak for Quiznos since Subway established the $5 foot-long sandwich. However, Quiznos has recently began to battle back by developing a secret weapon, the Torpedo. Some would call it their “A-Bomb.”
Named for its torpedo-like shape, the sandwich is exactly what Quiznos needs to fight off enemies. Despite its similarities, the Torpedo sub surpasses a real torpedo with regards to texture and taste.
For example, the Torpedo sub tastes of warm turkey and basil or sweet Italian meats, while an actual torpedo tastes of metal and blood. Also, an actual torpedo leaves behind a wake of destruction, whereas a torpedo sub leaves behind the fresh scent of vinegar and basil.
The Torpedo is not as fat as Subway’s foot-longs, but still rounds off at over 12 inches. But when it comes to a sub, it is not the size that matters but how you eat it.
The Torpedo is just the right size to fit perfectly in one hand (a bit small for a weapon of destruction), unlike a Subway foot-long which is too large to eat on the go. The Torpedo’s sleek ciabatta bread allows it to be eaten with comfort and leisure.
Packing a powerful punch that can be compared to that of a small firearm, the Torpedo is stuffed with a variety of explosive ingredients. It is truly a weapon of modern sandwich warfare, and it makes the grade for even the pickiest consumer.
With five different flavors including Italian, Pesto Turkey, Turkey Club, Beef Bacon and Cheddar and Big Kahuna Tuna the sub exceeds all competitors. Similar to a nuclear torpedo leaving a radioactive aftermath, the Torpedo sub leaves a dangerously addictive sensation in your mouth.
Although the Torpedo is delicious, it is slightly unsatisfying because of its sleek figure. Yes, it is only $4, but it is not a quality lunch, and no one is satisfied by only a snack.
The solution is a coupon from the Quiznos website, which gives one free Torpedo with a Torpedo Combo Meal. For only $6 the customer gets two Torpedoes, a drink and a cookie or a bag of chips—quite a bargain.
Point blank, the Torpedo is a sandwich so fantastic it is likely to cause its consumer to buckle in satisfaction while observers yell, “Dang, you got torpedoed!”
The Torpedo is now available for delivery during lunch time hours. To order, students can call (650) 559-8400.