Quidditch Tournament Starts With LAAL and Green Team Win

The quidditch tournament started today at lunch on the football field with the ASBeaters versus LAAL, and Broken Box versus the Green Team. The tournament will host six games in total over the span of the next couple weeks. LAAL and Green Team won their games today.

LAAL started off strong against the ASBeaters and took a 40-20 lead into the final minutes of the game. With three minutes and thirty seconds left, sophomore Matt Schonher captured the 200-point snitch for the LAAL team and secured the win.

“I caught the snitch,” Matt said. “It was really awesome. After I caught the snitch the win was final.”

The second game of the day was Broken Box versus the Green Team. The teams were being at 0-0 for a long stretch, but after a long chase, junior Konrad Niemiec caught the snitch to secure a win for the Green Team.

Junior Hanna Koehler, who also played for the LAAL team, was really excited for the victory and the opportunity to take part in the quidditch tournament. According to Hanna, quidditch is a great way for athletes who play different sports to play together for fun.

“I think quidditch is a great activity for school to get a lot of different people with different sports interests to do various things, “ Hanna said. “ You can run, throw a ball, and really use a lot of strengths from other sports all in one.”

Quidditch will continue tomorrow at lunch with two more teams facing off in the second round. Come out to the football field to check it out!