Quidditch Teams Advance to Semi-finals in Quick Wins

The Quidditch audience today saw not only fast games but also fast seekers.

Both games lasted under five minutes as the seekers sought out the ever-illusive, yet flashily-dressed, snitches.

Seeker senior Peter Ambiel said that the ASBeaters, a team comprised of ASB members, won their game “within two minutes.” But snitch senior Ben Schneider believes there was some controversial headbutting involved in the snatching of the snitch.

“I caught the snitch … and that’s all the news that needs to be reported,” Peter said. “Ben cut back and I was lunging forward to grab the sock-ball thing [snitch] and we hit heads.”

The quick snitch grab by Peter would give his opponents, I <3 Ginny Weasely, no time to even put up a fight. The other game ended quickly as well as the Oaktown Wizards won by a decisive snitch grab by junior Lucas Champenois. Both teams will move on to the Quidditch semi-finals tomorrow. [photos by Niki Moshiri]