Quantum of Solace

Explosions, gorgeous women, and action-packed sequences are ingredients to the traditional James Bond movie.
The newest addition to the action genre legacy is “Quantum of Solace” where Bond is out for revenge against the evil organization that caused the death of the woman he loved, Vesper, in “Casino Royale.”
The movie kicks off with an intense car chase involving Bond’s capturing and eventual interrogation of Mr. White, a man associated with the mysterious criminal organization.
After obtaining information connecting an MI6 traitor to banks in Haiti, Bond takes off to discover that a Mr. Greene is plotting to give a ruthless general his own country after overthrowing the current regime with his corrupt connections.
Bond travels to Austria, Italy, and South America to prevent Mr. Greene’s plans from reaching fruition and avenge the death of Vesper.
Unlike many Bond films, the plot is more personal and complex. Instead of there only being a single antagonist, Mr. Greene has many associates and key players that he uses to carry out his deceitful and murderous acts.
There is also the aspect of a personal mission, where Bond is motivated not only by duty but revenge as well. He even must go rogue for a time in order to complete the mission and find the truth among the lies and deceit that surround Greene’s organization.
Unfortunately, there is no appearance of Q, the genius behind all of Bond’s gadgets, from missile-launching cars to exploding pens. Therefore, there is an absence of interesting and helpful gadgets that Bond normally uses, but there are still some beautiful cars.
There is no doubt that this is different from the normal Bond movie. When the film dynasty switched from Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig, it seems to have switched the type of movie.
Brosnan seemed to have a more escapist feel where the viewer could get lost in an action-packed adventure and basic plot. Meanwhile, Craig’s two movies so far have had more complex stories that carry on to the next movie and also develop an emotional roller coaster ride.
However, the newest installment does not disappoint old-fashioned fans because there is still the same suave, exciting, smooth, thrilling and cool Bond they know and love.