Prom Theme Chosen by Senior Class Council

In anticipation of Prom night, which is set to be hosted on May 10, the senior class of 2014 voted strongly in favor of a Hollywood premiere theme. The number of themes was narrowed down to four in December: Under the Sea, Starry Night, Hollywood, and Masquerade.

For the masquerade option, the school required that masks be supplied for seniors although seniors hoped to bring their own.

As a result, out of the 20 or so votes casted on Monday for the four choices, Hollywood won by a landslide with 19 votes against the one vote cast for Starry Night.

Following in last year’s footsteps, the senior class is hosting prom at the Fairmont hotel. Most of the details have not yet been finalized.

“We’re in the preliminary stages right now,” senior Alec Aaron said.