Powderpuff Football Starts Off with Seniors against Sophomores

It’s the season for intramural sports at the school. Through Powderpuff football this week, ASB has kicked off a year that will also include quidditch, kickball and dodgeball. These intramurals are open to all students that want to play.

Today the seniors played the sophomores in Powderpuff football. The first half saw a lot of four and outs, and it ended 0-0. At the half, the senior class recruited girls from the stands to take the lead. Senior Claire Bowie became the standout of the recruits as she became the starting running back. After a strong sophomore drive, the seniors answered with a couple runs and two throws to pull the late drive for the touchdown. The team left only 15 seconds on the clock, allowing them to close out the win 6-0.

Powderpuff football will continue tomorrow at lunch, so be sure to stop by and support your class.