Police Involved in Student’s Removal From Class

A student was escorted out of a first period English class by Assistant Principals Cristy Dawson and Ralph Cave, who told him to keep his hands outside his clothes and backpack today, Friday, March 20.

“It was weird because Ms. Dawson kept telling him to take his hands out of his pockets,” a student in the class said. She asked to remain anonymous.

Cave and Principal Wynne Satterwhite met with police as well as the student’s mother. Satterwhite said she did not know whether police had arrested the student. School administrators continued to manage the incident for approximately three hours following the student’s removal from class.


Dear Readers,

The Talon understands that the consequences of a student’s personal choices create a very sensitive issue. We respect the privacy of those going through a difficult time and have chosen not to include this student’s name or any information that would lead to further disciplinary action.

However, The Talon believes that where criminal activity is concerned, the students and parents in our school community have a right to know what is going on. It is the responsibility of a newspaper to provide truthful, factual answers in a time when questions and wild rumors abound. When police are on campus and people are being searched, students have a right to know why. By simply providing the truth, we protect those involved from rumors far more extreme in nature.

For these reasons, the Talon Editorial Board has voted to proceed with investigating and publishing this story online. We devoted a great deal of thoughtful discussion to the issue and feel we have made the right decision, but we welcome your thoughts and comments.

The Talon