Podcasts are Very Real

Nothing good on TV? A favorite song isn’t playing on the radio? Is homework all done? Then there is only one place to turn: the Internet and its wealth of podcasts.

A Podcast is defined as a Web-based audio broadcast, also known as a radio show on the Internet.

To seek the Internet hideaways of podcasts, one must have a clear sense of one’s own standard of humor, as they are individually based.

By popular recommendation, the podcasts below can be enjoyed at no cost. While the may not be uncommon, the do fill out a beginner’s guide.



Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog


Recommended for: Families


“Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” features Dr. Horrible, a wannabe villain waiting for his acceptance into the League of Super Villains. A slightly pathetic super villain, who would rather use a time-freeze gun than any fatal machine, he sends his time in the Laundromat gazing at his one true love.

The humor is rarely laughing/crying-on-the-floor, but it does have its good points.

For example, when reading a letter from a “fan” inquiring about the identity of his so-called archenemy, Dr. Horrible points out in correction to the letter,” No, no, no, my nemesis is Dr. Hammer, the ultimate corporate tool!”

The podcast is, however, sweet and family-friendly. Though “Dr. Horrible’s” may not be the funniest podcast out there, it is genuine. The songs, while they won’t make one want to break out into a Disney-esque choreographed routine, will have one smiling and tapping one’s foot along with them.



The Onion Radio News


Recommended for: The well-informed with extra time


Looking for something different, stereotypical or strangely witty? Listen to a podcast from The Onion.

Basically, anything will go, plausible or not. Actually, less plausible seems to be the guideline for the podcast, as its content focuses on “fake news.”

The base of The Onion seems to be current events and related happenings with a bizarre and humorous twist.

One of its past topics featured a plastic surgeon who displayed the famous ex-noses to the public.

The Onion makes no move to disguise its false information, so expect funny idiocy.

Lasting only 30 seconds or so apiece, each podcast is a good pick-me-up. Do not go there looking for a life epiphany, but good-hearted satire.



Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing


Recommended for: Grammatical snobs


Each podcast or editorial is in response to a question or a common grammatical misconception.

Mignon Fogarty, aka “Grammar Girl” deals with questions focused on grammar-related topics, using wit to make English entertaining.

All the questions about “verbalizing” a noun, the validity of “funner” and that tricky “who” versus “whom” will be found on the site, described in great detail.

The podcasts are cleverly-written and infrequently laugh-out-loud funny, though they are good amusement when one is supposed to be doing one’s homework.

Moreover, Grammar Girl’s grammar tips are simple and understandable for all. If anyone needs help with writing or just sounding like a pro, this website is golden.